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The material and information contained in this web site are confidential in nature. Members of NIH Advisory Councils and Boards are authorized by NIH to access this material, provided they agree:

  1. to destroy, delete, or return applications or proposals, associated materials, information, reviewers' evaluations, and discussions during committee meetings;
  2. not to grant anyone who has not been officially designated to participate in the peer review process access to any NIH secure computer system or advisory committee meeting;
  3. not to disclose or discuss the applications or proposals, associated materials, information, reviewers' evaluations, and discussions during committee meetings with any other individual except as authorized by the Executive Secretary or other designated NIH official;
  4. not to disclose information about the committee deliberations, discussions, or evaluations related to an application to another member who has a declared conflict of interest with that application;
  5. not to use information contained in an application or proposal for my personal benefit or make such information available for the personal benefit of any other individual or organization;
  6. not to disclose procurement information prior to the award of a contract; and
  7. to refer all inquiries concerning the recruitment or review to the Executive Secretary or other designated NIH official.

If the NIH determines that a situation involves a bona fide breach of confidentiality in the peer review process, the NIH may take remedial steps, such as:

  • notifying the peer reviewer in question and/or his or her institutional Research Integrity Officer or other similar, senior, institutional official.
  • terminating the reviewer’s term, if he or she is a standing member of an NIH chartered committee.
  • referring the matter to the NIH Office of Management Assessment and possibly to the Office of the Inspector General in the Department of Health and Human Services, which could result in criminal penalties, fines, and/or imprisonment

I will avoid conflicts of interest by not accessing evaluations of applications, proposals, and projects involving organizations contained on this site:

  1. where to the best of my knowledge and belief, I or my spouse, minor child, or partner have a financial interest;
  2. where I am an officer, director, trustee, owner, partner, expert consultant, advisor, (with or without compensation) or employee or otherwise similarly associated;
  3. where there exists any arrangement concerning my prospective employment, financial interest, or other similar association.

I will also avoid any actions that might give the appearance that a conflict of interest exists or could reasonably be viewed as affecting my objectivity.

I will avoid accessing any applications/proposals/active projects, if any, for which I am in real or apparent conflict of interest.

I have submitted an accurate and current "Confidential Financial Disclosure Report" form to the NIH and have read and understood the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch, dated July 1, 2011, and other materials related to Conflict of Interest provided by the NIH.